Go Vegan SATX

All-Vegan Comfort Food Truck

 14530 Roadrunner Way San Antonio | 
Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze image
Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze
Our dairy-free Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze beats anybody else's an...Read More
Crispy Seasoned French Fries image
Crispy Seasoned French Fries
French fries tossed with our own in-house seasoning blend. A...Read More
Go Vegan Burger image
Go Vegan Burger
A delicious burger consisting of a Beyond Meat Patty with ou...Read More
BBQ Burger Mac image
BBQ Burger Mac
A combination of our Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze, a seasoned Beyon...Read More
The VGC w/ Tempeh Bac'n image
The VGC w/ Tempeh Bac'n
Follow Your Heart Vegan American style cheese and Tempeh Bac...Read More
Savory Tofu Tacos (2) image
Savory Tofu Tacos (2)
Out of stock
Organic chunks of Tofu in a Thai Peanut Garlic Sauce on a be...Read More
Crazy-Good Tostones image
Crazy-Good Tostones
A single batch of fresh Plantains deep fried in Canola oil w...Read More
Poser in a poncho image
Poser in a poncho
Lifeight hot dog,wrapped in cheeze, wrapped in a corn and fl...Read More
Patty Melt image
Patty Melt
Our 12 grain bread smothered with BBQ sauce, a beyond meat p...Read More
Quesadilla image
Follow your heart Provolone Cheeze between 2, half flour hal...Read More
Bowl of Chili image
Bowl of Chili
Out of stock