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All-Vegan Comfort Food Truck

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Wing Wednesday Special image
Wing Wednesday Special
Out of stock
6 or our homemade seitan, breaded and fried until golden bro...Read More
Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze image
Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze
Our dairy-free Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze beats anybody else's an...Read More
Boneless Seitan Wings image
Boneless Seitan Wings
Our homemade seitan, breaded and fried until golden brown, t...Read More
Crispy Seasoned French Fries image
Crispy Seasoned French Fries
French fries tossed with our own in-house seasoning blend. A...Read More
Go Vegan Burger image
Go Vegan Burger
A delicious burger consisting of a Beyond Meat Patty with ou...Read More
BBQ Burger Mac image
BBQ Burger Mac
A combination of our Creamy Mac 'n' Cheeze, a seasoned Beyon...Read More
Chickn 'n' Waffles image
Chickn 'n' Waffles
3 of our house-made Chick'n Tenders on top of two Power Grai...Read More
The VGC w/ Tempeh Bac'n image
The VGC w/ Tempeh Bac'n
Follow Your Heart Vegan American style cheese and Tempeh Bac...Read More
Savory Tofu Tacos (2) image
Savory Tofu Tacos (2)
Organic chunks of Tofu in a Thai Peanut Garlic Sauce on a be...Read More
Crazy-Good Tostones image
Crazy-Good Tostones
A single batch of fresh Plantains deep fried in Canola oil w...Read More
Poser in a poncho image
Poser in a poncho
Lifeight hot dog,wrapped in cheeze, wrapped in a corn and fl...Read More
Patty Melt image
Patty Melt
Our 12 grain bread smothered with BBQ sauce, a beyond meat p...Read More
Quesadilla image
Miss Chickpea's Chocolate Chip  cookie  image
Miss Chickpea's Chocolate Chip cookie
Out of stock
Miss Chickpea's lemon cookie image
Miss Chickpea's lemon cookie
Out of stock
Miss Chickpeas Smores cookie image
Miss Chickpeas Smores cookie
Out of stock